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Laudato Si - Praise be to you Lord

When Pope Francis wrote this encyclical letter he called our attention to 'our common home' and bade us do all that we can to care for our earth and protect our common home for all those who follow after us.

GPA For about 13 years I have volunteered for a charity called 'Glasgow Play-Resource Association', founded to support Playschemes and help with the sharing of craft resources among different groups as well as sharing advice and ideas. This charitable organisation, GPA, comprises an Arts and Crafts store, a Scrapstore and offers affiliated members the chance to hire badge machines, die-cut machines with dies to cut out shapes from cardboard and material, musical instruments and other items.

The Scrapstore has a great variety of clean scrap such as coffee sacks, shoe boxes, gift boxes, stationery boxes, sample books from clothing manufacturers, paper, card, large rolls of foam, rolls of material, buttons, zips, envelopes, posters, in fact anything that can be re-used. Many of the goods in the Scrapstore would usually be sent to landfill and by recycling them the GPA lessens the amount going to landfill. Regularly, 'Scrapswaps' are arranged when Scrapstores come together and exchange whatever goods they have.


GPA has to apply for funding to allow the charity to continue to run. Recently funding was received from Climate Challenge Fund and a very successful project RePlay supported this. GPA is run mainly by Volunteers.

You may be asking yourselves 'What can I do to help?' There are easy things you can do with minimal effort. You can collect bottle tops, cellophane covers.  GPA is also happy to accept buttons, zips, knitting patterns, unused envelopes and a wide variety of items. I am willing to come and collect items from you, perhaps once a month.

Although I have now retired from my volunteering at the GPA I am passionate about the whole field of recycling and am happy to give you further information if you wish. By making some simple changes and with a little effort we can all do our bit for our world and contribute to the care of our common home.

Further information may be received from:

Margaret Rose Bradley SND,  email:  MRBradley@scotnews.fsnet.co.uk

GPA Contact Details: Glasgow Play-Resource Association
                                   Langside Lane,  off 539 Victoria Road
                                   Glasgow G42 8BH

Scrap Materials List

The following items can be donated to Glasgow Play-Resource Association.
Please ensure that all items are clean and, if appropriate,washed (e.g. Jars, bottle tops)
others Containers

Plastic pots
Glass jars with lids (please leave lids off).
CD / DVD cases.
Cardboard drums with lids.
Sweet/Biscuit containers/boxes/tins with lids.
Ice cream tubs with lids.

Stationery etc

Unused envelopes



Paper clips

Poly pockets/ Folders


White card

Black card

Corrugated card

Cardboard boxes

Cardboard tubes (from kitchen rolls etc)


White paper - Matt. 
Coloured and black paper.                                              
Fluorescent paper.                                                          
Gold/Silver paper or card.                                            
Billboard posters.                    

Coloured shredded paper.     
Cardboard files/folders
Tissue and tracing paper
Wax and grease proof paper
Sticky labels
Corrugated paper
Paper bags
Gift bags / boxes
Wrapping paper        
Unused wallpaper rolls

Plastic Containers / Plastic


Cellophane  - including the plastic sleeves that cover greetings cards / plain plastic bags (please keep these flat so they can be re-used)

Lids from bottles - plastic or metal

Plastic lids from milk cartons

crafts Other Craft materials
Knitting needles
Sewing needles
Knitting and sewing patterns

Unused Greetings cards


Gift boxes

If you are unsure if items are suitable please contact

Glasgow Play-Resource Association (GPA) for advice.

Website: www.glasgowplay.org.uk

(see links page - Justice and Peace Issues)


Tuesday 1pm to 7.30pm (Winter Hours)

(Scrap Store closes at 7.15pm)

Wednesday and Friday 9.30am to 3.30pm

(Scrap Store closes at 3.15pm)

Please check website for up-to-date Opening Hours

and Donations List
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