AGM 2017

Justice and Peace Forum Presentation at AGM 2017

The Justice and Peace Forum have met regularly since last November and strands of interest to the group were identified.


I preach the Recycling Message wherever I go. Here is a fact you may not know: In Britain every day a staggering 16 million plastic bottles are thrown away and not recycled. They end up in landfill and end up in our seas and oceans.


Each month the Justice and Peace Forum meets at Nazareth House and after our meeting, I take with me several bags of things to be recycled. These usually range from empty jars and bottle tops to cardboard containers and boxes, as well as pieces of material. My Notre Dame Community meets each month and some Sisters always have things for me to take to recycle, and people in the parish also ask me : Sister, I've got such and such, do you know  anywhere that could use it.

I take donations to Glasgow Play-Resource Association, to WeVolution, to the Wayside, Starter Packs and other places in Glasgow. Our local Homeless Unit, the Bellgrove Hotel, benefits too because we are able to give them food that is left after a parish event, and they are always very grateful.

My email address mgtrosebradley@gmail.com is available for you to use to ask me about places for recycling if you need this information. There are 3 Scrap Stores in Scotland that will take clean scrap - one in Glasgow, one in Dundee and one in Crieff.

Supporting SVDP

I am in the process of finding out more about the Pope Francis Award and the Caritas Award to see if there is some way the J&P Forum could support these initiatives. One of teachers in a local primary school is interested in finding out more about the Mini Vinnies and hopes to get her class involved. 


Sponsor a Chair for a Child

I was in South Africa in May and June and visited a school administered by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Many of the children have very little as many of you will know from your own experience, or from your own Congregation.


 I am organising a Sponsor Event for the school - St Peter Claver Primary School. The school has a new hall but they have no furniture for it. The Sponsor Event is to raise money for chairs for the hall ' Sponsor a Chair for a Child'. The cost of each chair is £12.50. I know that many congregations have their own charities and their own fundraising but if anyone would like to find out more about this, please speak to me about that today or email me. My brother and sisters are getting a sponsored chair this year as a Christmas present!


If you are having a cup of tea in a cafe or a restaurant and ask for a glass of tap water, inevitably the glass arrives with a straw in it. in the USA every day enough straws are used and discarded that would go round the earth two and half times. Britain also discards many straws and I am asking you to make a point of asking for 'no straw' when you can. Many of the straws end up in our oceans and seas and consequently inside marine animals. Some restaurants have already decided to do away with straws and one of these is Wetherspoons.

If you do need to use straws for example for someone in hospital or someone who cannot drink from a glass or a cup then bamboo straws or steel straws are available. A pack of steel straws can be bought on Amazon and they come with a brush to clean the straws.          

Sr Margaret Rose Bradley

AGM 2017 (1)

Sr Veronica spoke about signing petitions which had been forwarded to the members of the J&P Group by Sr Maria McGuire and Sr Gina Cardosi. She made the point that even reading petitions raises awareness of issues.

AGM 2017 (2)

After their presentations members of the Justice and Peace and Vocations Forums responded to questions.


          Refuse what you do not need.

·         Reduce what you do need.

·         Reuse by using reusables.

·         Recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce or reuse.

·         Rot (compost) the rest.

·         Refuse
1. Fight junk mail. It’s not just a waste of resources, but also of time. Register to receive less at dmachoice.org, optoutprescreen.com and catalogchoice.org.

2. Turn down freebies from conferences, fairs, and parties. Every time you take one, you create a demand to make more. Do you really need another “free” pen?

·         Reduce

3. Declutter your home, and donate to your local thrift shop. You’ll lighten your load and make precious resources available to those looking to buy secondhand. [Yes, I couldn't agree more!

4. Reduce your shopping trips and keep a shopping list. The less you bring home, the less waste you’ll have to deal with.

·         Reuse

5. Swap disposables for reusables (start using handkerchiefs, refillable bottles, shopping totes, cloth napkins, rags, etc.). You might find that you don’t miss your paper towels, but rather enjoy the savings.

6. Avoid grocery shopping waste: Bring reusable totes, cloth bags (for bulk aisles), and jars (for wet items like cheese and deli foods) to the store and farmers market. [I always keep reusable totes in my car.]

·         Recycle

7. Know your city’s recycling policies and locations—but think of recycling as a last resort. Have you refused, reduced, or reused first? Question the need and life-cycle of your purchases. Shopping is voting.

8. Buy primarily in bulk or secondhand, but if you must buy new, choose glass, metal, or cardboard. Avoid plastic: Much of it gets shipped across the world for recycling and often ends up in the landfill (or worse yet, the ocean).

·         Rot

9. Find a compost system that works for your home and get to know what it will digest (dryer lint, hair, and nails are all compostable).

10. Turn your home kitchen trash can into one large compost receptacle. The bigger the compost the more people will use it. [I will add that you want to have a bin that has a lid and is an attractive receptacle.]

I hope you will join me in working toward these zero waste goals in your own household. I am going to start today with stopping the junk mail, which has been a goal of mine for ages, and I am ashamed that I haven’t gotten around to it….Done!

What zero waste ideas do you have? Please share your ideas and goals with our readers!

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Erica Sofrina is a Feng Shui and Green Design specialist, teacher, speaker, author and Founder of the Academy of Feng Shui which offers Feng Shui and Green Design programs and seminars.

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