Mission Statement

The mission

of the

Conference of Religious in Scotland

is to spread the Good News

of the Kingdom of God.

The Conference, representing the different Roman Catholic religious orders, Congregations and Societies, strives to make the witness of Religious Life more effectively present in the life of the Church in Scotland.

The prophet is one
who proclaims God's message,
speaks to the poor
and gives them help and encouragement.

The Conference seeks to empower Religious and the whole Church to be prophetic witnesses in today's society, speaking out on vital issues which influence the lives of the people of Scotland.
The Conference of Religious wishes to share both expertise and resources with everyone involved in spreading the Gospel Message and collaborates with:
  • the laity and their dicoesan and national  representative bodies;

  • the local clergy and diocesan councils of priests; 
  • the Bishops and the Bishops’ Conference.
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